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Loose Cannon

I’m very excited to announce my romantic suspense Loose Cannon has been contracted by Etopia Press! (www.etopiapress.com)

This book has been a labor of love for a long time, and I’m thrilled to soon be able to share it with all the wonderful readers out there.

I don’t have a cover yet, but I’ll be posting it as soon as I do. But I do have a blurb to hook you!

Loose Cannon by Kendal Flynn

When Raeanne Springfield’s son is kidnapped by Dmitryi Petrov, a ruthless enemy from the past, Raeanne finds herself thrown back into the dark world of covert operations she thought she left behind. But when Alex Dante, her former superior at the CODA, the Counterintelligence Defense Agency, shows up to take her into protective custody, Raeanne’s backed into a corner. Should she obey orders from an agency that already betrayed her once, or slip back into the covert life and do whatever it takes to bring her boy home safely—even if it means endangering her heart?

Harder still–how to tell Alex Dante that Ryan’s his son?

Between Petrov’s demands, the agency’s evasiveness, and Alex’s whirlwind reentry into her life, Raeanne can trust no one but herself, and only after she gets Ryan back will she worry about fixing past mistakes. If she lives long enough to fix anything…