It’s Writer’s Crack, People

No other word for it. When someone sends you a message and says they’re loving your book… and they’re not even related to you… it’s gotta be the best feeling in the world.

This is why we do this. This is why we stay up to late making that last page of the scene perfect, why we put ourselves out there to collect impersonal and often hurtful rejection letters, and why we give up sunny days at the beach and nights hanging out with friends or family like normal people. This is our addiction–creating and telling stories. And there’s nothing like the rush of having a reader say you you made their day at the beach, or their night in with a book, fun.

Hayden Braeburn posted a really cool mention of Loose Cannon on her blog, here:

Thanks, Hayden! 🙂


About Kendal Flynn

Kendal Flynn was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee before going on to sail with Long John Silver on the high seas and slay dragons with Beowulf. It took her a while to realize that girls weren't supposed to be getting dirty with the boys, but she never quite found the fun in standing around and wringing her hands, waiting for some stuck-up dandy to ask her to dance. She'd have been more likely to take the dandy at swordpoint and tell him to dance with her, or else. Of course, in real life, she's a very ordinary administrative assistant, who's never taken anyone at swordpoint and who can't dance anyway. She lives in Southeastern Massachusetts with her husband, three children, and two amazingly spoiled Chihuahuas. View all posts by Kendal Flynn

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