Cover Candy for Loose Cannon

How Cool is This?!

Etopia Press revealed my cover on their Web site today, so now I can show it off, too! I almost fell over a few months ago when they accepted my book and I was suddenly a “real” author. Then I couldn’t sleep for days when my editor, Georgia Woods, sent me my edits back and said she loved my book. Then a few days ago, I nearly choked on my own tongue when I opened my email to find my cover draft. It just looks so… real…

*drooling again…*

I think I might just wet my pants on release day.


About Kendal Flynn

Kendal Flynn was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee before going on to sail with Long John Silver on the high seas and slay dragons with Beowulf. It took her a while to realize that girls weren't supposed to be getting dirty with the boys, but she never quite found the fun in standing around and wringing her hands, waiting for some stuck-up dandy to ask her to dance. She'd have been more likely to take the dandy at swordpoint and tell him to dance with her, or else. Of course, in real life, she's a very ordinary administrative assistant, who's never taken anyone at swordpoint and who can't dance anyway. She lives in Southeastern Massachusetts with her husband, three children, and two amazingly spoiled Chihuahuas. View all posts by Kendal Flynn

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